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We offer an extensive collection of eyeglass lenses and many lens treatment options to personalize your glasses for perfect fit and function. We offer scratch resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, ultra-violet protection, no glare coating, tinting in any color and edge polishing.
Lens Types
Single Vision
Single vision lenses are designed for one focal distance. Near, intermediate or distance with the same correction over the entire lens.
Bifocal lenses allow you to see two focal distances. Generally, the upper area for distance and the lower area for near.
Trifocal lenses allow you to see near, intermediate and distance with 2 lines dividing the three segments.
Progressive lenses allow you to see near, intermediate and distance without any lines. This provides a smooth transition from distance to near and allows for clear vision at all distances.
Computer lenses are progressive lenses that allow you to see intermediate and near. They have a wider intermediate area for more comfortable vision at a computer.
Lens Materials
Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant, 25% lighter in weight, 20% thinner than plastic, block out 100% UV rays and have a scratch resistant coating. Polycarbonate lenses are 10% thinner than Trivex lenses.
Trivex lenses are impact resistant, ultra-light weight, block out 100% UV rays and allow for sharper, clearer vision.
Hi-Index Plastic
Hi-Index plastic lenses have a scratch resistant coating, block out 100% UV rays, can reflect up to 50% more light and are attractive for patients with stronger prescriptions because they are thinner and lighter in weight. These qualities make these lenses more comfortable than standard lenses.
Lens Options
An anti-glare treatment on your glasses will help to reduce glare, resist scratches and smudges, repel water and dust and offer UV protection.
Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions and help protect against harmful blue light indoors and outdoors. Transition lenses are clear indoors and get darker outdoors, block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and are suitable for all frames, prescriptions and ages.
A virtually invisible filter can be built into lenses to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye. Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort.